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About Ian Young

Born 1960, Albury NSW Australia. Served 22 years in the Australian Army, primarily in Special Forces and traveled extensively throughout Australia and overseas.  He retired as a Major in the SAS Regiment in 1999 and has been self-employed since as a:

  • Sculptor
  • Photographer
  • Kite surfing instructor and event director
  • Management consultant

Ian has no formal schooling in fine art but has been financially and artistically successfully in creating contemporary designs and sculpture since 1981.   He has experienced the very worst of humanity and damage to the environment.  His unique style of simple flowing lines seeks refuge from these harsh ugly realities of life, focusing on minimalist organic forms inspired by the natural beauty and power of the wind, beachscapes, the ocean, and the human body.  His works are distillations of complex concepts into their essential aesthetic elements of line and form.

He works in bronze, timber, resin, stone, cement and ceramics. Examples can be seen at www.ianyoung.net.au and exhibits at Yallingup Galleries and Aspects of Kings Park in Western Australia.

Exhibitions and Commissions

bulletFluid Forms solo exhibition, Arq Gallery, April 2007
bulletWinner 3D/Sculpture award, City of Stirling's Life's a Beach exhibition, May 2007
bulletCottesloe Sculpture by the Sea, Mar 2010

He has been invited to exhibit at Biennale Internazionale dell’Arte Contemporanea in Florence and The Lempriere National Sculpture Award in Melbourne. In addition to commissions from private individuals within Australia and Overseas, he has completed work for the following organizations:

bulletRio Tinto ($50K)
bulletAustraland Marketing ($10K)
bulletWoodside Australian Energy ($9K)
bulletThe City of Stirling
bulletThe Special Air Service Regiment
bulletThe Western Soarers Hang Gliding Club
bulletThe  Endeavour Tavern Lancelin
bulletBarking Gecko Theatre Company

Other interests: kite surfing (pioneered the sport in Australia), photography, paragliding, hang gliding, surfing, cycling, touch rugby, squash, four wheel driving and camping