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Life Casting

Life Casting

Optional photographic studies to select a desired pose & for framed prints

Getting comfortable to be able to hold the pose for up to 45 mins

Alginate soft mould & fibreglass backing

Plaster outer mother mould

Positive wax taken from the alginate & plaster mould (a more expensive option of a bronze can be cast from this wax)

Waste plaster negative mould from the wax


Final sculpture of fibreglass, resin & bronze dust


More example's of Ian's life casting sculptures in bronze and fibreglass

Please consider the following if you are interested in a life casting:

bullet We need to work together and keep communication as open as possible.  I don’t want anyone to do anything they're not comfortable with.
bulletThink about the pose you wish to capture – remaining immobile for up to 45 minutes can be quite uncomfortable.
bullet I will require you to sign an artist-model agreement.
bullet Wax or shave sensitive areas to reduce the chances of puling hairs as the mould is removed. Alternatively a thick coat of Vaseline can be used to give some protection to hair.
bullet Wear lose fitting clothing to the photography or mould sessions so that we don’t waste time waiting for marks from bras, knickers, waist elastics etc to disappear.
bulletAs plaster cures it can generate a little heat – nothing too bad but it is a risk that you need to assess – if you become concerned at any stage I can pull the plaster off very quickly, although it will almost certainly be destroyed if we need to do that before it has hardened.
bulletYou will feel a tightening as the plaster hardens and it is very important to try and control your breathing as shallow as possible at this point to minimize cracking of the mould.
bulletThere may be bits of plaster left on your skin so you may like to bring a towel to wash off before you leave my studio.
bulletIf you would be more comfortable making the mould in your own home it may be possible to do that but please note that it can be a messy process and takes up to an hour.

If you wish your partner to assist with the process they are most welcome to assist me.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.

Ian Young

Mobile +61 414 716 812 if no answer on this mobile please send SMS and email www.ianyoung.net.au